ROM sites are falling, but a legal loophole could save game emulation

HID Bluetooth/USB gamepad & keyboard are also supported, and cheat codes are also supported using VBA-M-compatible files. GBA.emu is a completely paid emulator with a clean and minimalistic UI and supports a variety of devices. It primarily focuses on reducing video and audio latency.

  • But if companies insist on holding onto the rights of games people love but don’t distribute them to fans, the gaming community may suffer.
  • It has been officially tested with the Poke Series, DB Fighting, Soni Blue Jungle, and Bros Jungle games.
  • This was before real life had started to intrude soccer games and before I had to think about more than homework.

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The most important of which is a Flash Linker and cartige. You can also get cool stuff like GBA cameras, radios, TV tuners, and more. Before I show the main code, here is a screen shot of the program running to get you salivating. With this synchronisation, we finally have enough information to build our game. In this case, I’ve chosen to build a single-player pong-esque game , the commented source code of which follows.

Another popular ROM programme that allows you to load all of your favourite vintage games is GBA SNES NES ROMS. This software has all of the essential functionality. To begin with, it has a vast database of almost 3000 games. To make the app easier to use, all of the games are sorted by genres and developers. Furthermore, the app offers a robust search engine with numerous filters such as release year, tags, and so on. All systems are covered in terms of emulators, from Nintendo to PSP and Xbox.

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All of the most popular gaming genres are included, and new ones are added on a regular basis. The websites listed above are the best ROM sites to reminisce childhood games safely. It’s important to read reviews on a site before clicking on links to avoid mishaps. Despite having quite a bland and plainly designed interface, they offer over thirteen thousand games for PS2, PSP, Gamecube, and more. They are proud that they specialize in offering obscure games nearly everybody heard as well as the classics all users love.


My side-project got to a stage where it successfully emulates most games, and you can either run it on desktop, android and even from your browser. I believe now would be a good time to b̶r̶a̶g̶ ramble on the experience, share some thoughts and insights, discuss internals, debugging techniques, etc. However, this isn’t a “complete guide on how to write an emulator from A-Z” kind of thing. Yeah this tutorial uses only the bitmap modes, which is where you draw only pixels to the screen.